During the period of 1995 - 1999 company was primarily working on outsourcing projects for companies worldwide.

During the period of 1999 to 2001 number of development teams was shortened and company’s production was oriented toward development of tool that will allow easier development and integration of information systems.

After period of applying and testing the new development architecture, Diginaut is prepared for handling most demanding projects. With third version of model driven environment (MDE) based on common object model (ZORA) we can successfully handle problems that may seem overwhelming or unsolvable.

For already several years Diginaut successfully provides consulting and information system modeling services using ZORA tools.

Already prepared middleware and user interface tiers adapts to specific business process. Users can immediately test future applications. This gives very important feedback during modeling of business process where users can feel user interface and foresee many problems.

Number of employees varied during the time. After year 2001 company’s core workforce was reduced to management: four full time managers and consulters. Teams of experts with whom Diginaut is working provide know-how in specific areas like (marketing, energy management, production, finances, etc.).

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