Electric Utility of Belgrade, 2001 - today

Since 2001 Diginaut is working on implementation of Common Information Model (CIM) from IEC 61970 and 61968 series of standards.

Using these interoperability standards we designed and deployed multi tier software environment capable of communicating with variety of other applications and subsystems.

Project named IPS SDU EDB (Information System for Remote Control in Electric Utilities) contains parts of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system. Main task is to integrate many different subsystems into one system that allows users maximum data availability for presentation and calculations.

Publishing Company "Blic Press" d.o.o, Belgrade, part of Ringier AG, 1999 - today

Diginaut installed advertisement and news processing engines, as well as page layout functions in order to provide fully integrated newspaper management system.

Blic Press d.o.o. publishes popular daily newspapers and magazines in Serbia “Blic”, “Blic Zena”, “Blic Puls” and “24 Sata”.

All software modules were developed using ZORA 3.9 and were integrated with SAP financial modules. This is one of most complex ADC installations in advertising department. System successfully follows very dynamic business environment with frequent changes in its structure and procedures. Those changes are the result of turbulent market, competition and internal reorganizations.

ABC Company d.o.o., Belgrade, 2003 - today

Besides marketing and news processing engines, Belege d.o.o. is using module for newspaper distribution. Almost all parts of newspaper processing are automated using ZORA 3 applications.

Belege d.o.o. is publisher of “Kurir” and “Glas Javnosti” daily newspapers.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Beograd

Our engineers created and deployed information system for monitoring sales in former Yugoslavia and Macedonia.

Local information system was successfully integrated with corporate IT infrastructure in order to provide better control and information exchange. Special version of ZORA script language was developed so applications can be adapted for every market and regulation.

System was used successfully until KLM office in Belgrade was closed.

Lufthansa German Airlines, Beograd

Local sales and telephone monitoring systems were installed and successfully used until 2004 when new corporate infrastructure was introduced.

Cooperation was continued in form of consulting services.

Outsourcing and Consulting

Since it was founded, Diginaut provided variety of consulting, modeling and programming services to other software development companies in former Yugoslavia, Austria and Germany where we had contributed to some areas of final products.

Diginat has worked on variety of projects for information systems, application and communication software where most of them where built using our programming languages and tools.