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December 2005
First interface between ZORA Message Bus and SCADA subsystem for primary signal processing is installed. Signals and messages are processed in real-time and sent to message oriented middleware for further processing and archiving.
September 2005
ZORA 3.5 introduces new middleware service called "ZORA Message Bus" based on MSMQ and Microsoft BizTalk 2004 services. ZORA based information systems now can provide even more scalable and flexible solutions for controlling of business logic and processes.
April 2005
ZORA 3.4 introduces new feature: Model Driven Environment (MDE). From now our teams will test components that are model and context aware. Result is custom application that learns and grows as its users do. ZORA is still research project but information can be requested on
March 2005
First successfull IEC 61968 interoperability tests. Distributed Management System and Technical Information System are integrated into GIS applications (ESRI, AutoDesk). First model-driven Web services are ready to deploy.
January 2005
New ZORA 3.3 features: now middleware objects can be distributed across Windows domains, improved customization of ZORA environment through user groups, dynamically linking client objects with Web services, new custom events for servers and clients, and many more.
February 2004
ZORA version 3.1 introduced with improved performance and load balancing. Improved XML configuration schemas and reporting engine. All ZORA3 products are ported to new version and they are available to our customers.
September 2003
AD Center 6 and O4 were upgraded to ZORA3 supporting full client side, model driven custumization (including user interface and business logic).
First CIM based prototype application that includes parts of IEC 61968 specification is installed in Electric Utility of Belgrade. It is powered by ZORA model driven architecture.
DTeam has 3th version of ZORA development tools built on .Net environment. With extensible XML support new products will be shown on september 2002.
February 2002
Diginaut and Electric Utility of Belgrade signed contract for development of new information model and applications for Distribution Management System. In first phase Diginaut will apply CIM (Common Information Model) that is used in IEC 61970 and IEC 61968 series of standards. With this standards it is planned to provide more flexible interoperability between parts of information system.
January 2001
Diginaut Jugoslavia started reorganisation of development teams during next 6 months. All customers will be notified about eventual changes in structure or work schedule of Diginaut Belgrade.
All Diginaut products now support automatic synchronisation between two or more database servers
Januar 2000
First Odisej agent is activated
28.09.1999. 12:00
Part of Koridor reservation system - "Odisej agent" will be presented in Hyatt Regency, Belgrade. Odisej agent is software package (SQL and application server, client applications) designed for travel agencies, transport organisations and touroperators.

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