Remote Control System in Electric Utility of Belgrade

Diginaut's ISS

The key strength of Diginaut development process, its ability to instantly generate model-driven components, has proven itself in one of the largest integration projects: building remote control system in Electric Utility of Belgrade (IPS SDU).

IPS SDU uses IEC 61968 and 61970 series of standards as foundation for binding together network control, management and planning systems, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planing), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and GIS (Geographic Information System).

Distribution Management System

Organize and manage data for power system resources (substations, power transformers, conductors, switches ...), network, consumers, outages, trouble tickets and other resources.

IPS SDU actively communicates with SCADA in order to maintain active network topology status and calculations.

Process trouble tickets, network events and alarms with real-time topology calculations and spatial analysis.

Planned outage management keeps track of affected consumers grouping them by their priority and type. Generated reports are available to other systems using Web services and Web pages.

Customer Relationship Management

In order to keep consumers satisfi ed utilities need extensive customer relationship management system that keeps track of:

Multi directional data browsing

Multi directional data browsing provides users with most sophisticated way of reviewing data. Users can easily navigate across data by accessing through embedded tables and referenced documents.

- No data is hidden unless it is under security restriction -


High level of customization for different groups of users provides users with data they need.

Administrators can defi ne security parameters for data accessing and modifi cation.

Messaging and alarms

Message bus implementation gives real-time information about time critical events. It also enables sending various message types between users and subsystems.


IPS SDU allows printing of various network reports, resource tehnical tables, business documents, work permits and other correspondence.

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